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Anonymous- Song (Awsome)

ANONYMOUS; FreeAnons 2013, We will win, We are many, We are legion

Anonymous Music – Tabanacle | L Jinny | Proverbz – #OpCensorDis2


Anonymous & Shower With Goats ► 2013 We Win

The Anonymous Solidarity Network: We do not forget! Our brothers are not alone, not forgotten and we stand with them and care. We will not Forgive and We will not Forget until every Anon is free! FreeAnons is happy to support #OpValentine, which is an effort to send incarcerated Anonymous, Activists, and Political prisoners Valentines. Separated from their friends, their family, all of their love ones, many of our brothers and sisters will be deprived of this most basic human right. They have sacrificed their freedom to expose corruption and human rights violations.

Anonymous present Shower With Goats « Pathetic Life ». Obama called the LuzSec hotline! Shower With Goats has added more tracks to benefit FreeAnons, at Bandcamp. They are fantastic, and you can check them out, here :