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Police State by rebel inc.

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Our good friends at rebel inc shared with us the track “Police State” off their soon-to-be-released album “Soundtrack To The Revolution”. Ideas have consequences, and the ideas they put-forth are good ideas about standing-up for what you know is right. Thus, much like Ademo Freeman did last year for their song “No Song” (, I thought it worth the time to create a video using the audio.

From their website

We are very happy to announce the release of our new album, titled “Soundtrack To The Revolution.” The album will be available at a number of our CD Release shows, (see schedule below,) and will be followed-up with a Digital Release on 11.20.12, available through itunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and more. We are confident that this album will showcase how much the band has grown in the 3 years since our first EP, and we highly encourage you to make it to one of our CD Release shows and pick up the album early! Thanks for all the continued support! CD RELEASE SCHEDULE: 11.09 – New Way Bar – Ferndale, MI 11.10 – TBA – Columbus, OH 11.16 – Arena – State College, PA 11.17 – Ottobar – Baltimore, MD

If you’re able, check out the rebel inc. guys in-person. Their shows are always high-energy and their message is on-point. I myself am going to catch them at their Nov. 17th stop in Baltimore. It’ll be my fourth time seeing them:)

I met Rebel Inc this past summer, after being turned on to them via Pete Eyre, and immediately liked them. Their tunes rock and the message is principled. It’s so inspiring to hear musicians sing about freedom, in turn, spreading the message. Something they can do faster than anything I’m able to do with my camera/actions. That’s why when the guys let me hear their new song, “No SONG” I was instantly hooked and had to made a video.

Thanks to RT, “Film the Police” by B. Dolan, Sage and company as well as several YouTube channels.

Abby Martin-Breaks the Set on the State of Surveillance- Lee Camp – Musical Performance by Rebel Inc.

Sorry for repeating myself on showing up Abby Martin, but this girl is really a sign that we can have some people on the Libertarian Movement for a new World ruled by all Earth people
Money will get out of fashion .:::!!!

Abby Martin Breaks the Set on the State of Surveillance, Current Events with Lee Camp, and a Musical Performance by Rebel Inc.

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EPISODE BREAKDOWN: On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin breaks down the latest surveillance scandal by the National Security Agency, in which the servers of firms such as Google, Facebook, and Apple are subject constant government surveillance. Abby then talks to comedian, Lee Camp, about biggest news stories of the week, including NSA surveillance, Bradley Manning, Michelle Bachman’s last term in office. BTS wraps up the show with an exclusive performance and interview with Rebel Inc, a politically charged band based in Baltimore.