World Re-Evolutions by the change of Word

World Re-Evolutions by the Word

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

Albert Einstein

we-are-legions of anonymous

“We citizens are all One DNA sons of the same Mother -Planet Earth- and we share one Father-The Cosmos” – Anon-I-me

It’s the Age of the spreading a Awareness in Collective Consciousness of a more Human valued World over the Value of Money

It happens when the Means of Communication have radical changes or Re-Evolution in the propagation of Human Knowledge by the Word, that brings always a transformation in the Net of Human Power, making it change until the final Utopia Day when it belongs to all the Citizens of the World

1st Re-Evolution – Word of Mouth

The Word of Mouth leaded to tribal and feudal world to a Country divided World

The Concentration of Power disrupt always in Bloody Wars in the name of Tribe Patriotism and Gods, systematically generated by the ones who concentrate the Power and Economy and today totally controlled in the name of the God Money of Capitalism

2nd Re-Evolution – Printed Word

With in the appearance of the Written Word, that braked the Myth of a Power by Divine intervention marrying Material Possessions and the intervention of the Holy Divine …Power by Religion
The Written Word disseminated new Ideals of the possible Liberation of every individual from arbitrary Power of a few bringing the murder of The Royal Dominant and Brought republican Ideas

The Printed Word brought another re-evolution that divorced the Religion from Power , by the Spread of all kinds of books and Written Documents but brought to the Collective Consciousness that Transformed in a few centuries Royalties and Dictators in The so new called Democracy

3rd Re-Evolution – Media Word

The Printed Word of books and Papers have found the Media Word with the early  “Birth State” (Alberoni) emergence of Radio and later the TV joining images with words, but like any the other Ideals  in “Birth Sate”  of social movements

By Natural Decadence generated by a controlled environment TV and Media, by the Money in Power that puts to the public a schizophrenic “Sea of Information” leading to an “Obsessive Consumerism” and empty Souls, that are loosing the human values of Solidarity and the Respect for other Humans and for our Temple -Planet Earth

The actual Democracy that is just a Participative Bureaucracy in a paper called Vote, that puts the  “Gangs of Capitalism” and is clown corrupted politicians under the Rule of  Profit with the hegemony of actual US Imperialists and the ones emerging (China, Russia, India and so on)

TV was created with an Ideal of Education, but the actual turds of information are totally censored by a framework of authorized Speech, giving us the false sense that we are still in the age of freedom of speech and information

4rd Re-Evolution –The E(lectronic) -Word

Anonymous 3d

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Arthur Schopenhauer

The E(lectronic)-Word almost at the speed of the Real World is taking us to a “Rebirth State” for the new Ideal of The individual Citizen of the World transforming the Self of Collective Consciousness and goals of the Planet care , and transform Capitalism into Humanism taking the Value of Money to the Human Value that we are all entitled by Birth on Planet Earth

Anonymous, as one of the new emerging groups Groups rapidly emerging with support of the e-Word with Empowerment to the People, but like when an Ideal of Liberation change, the Power is reenforcing itself with the Myth that Police an Military can maintain “the Barrier” between a growing Poverty of 99% for the total Benefit of 1% extremely rich people

All the money being given by Central Banks to the “Capitalist Gangs” to cover the holes they created , if distributed to the most people in Real need sure would boost the economy and the sense of a sustainable World

Make Collective Information Citizen Pools and Polls for voting any decision more need for Parliaments and Parties and Economical Mobs … just check the Example of Iceland for the first example of a growing state of Awareness and Participation with freedom of information and speech, put the responsible gangs in jail, make a new Crowd-Sourced Constitution, forget the Debt , but still able to show a remarkable economic Growth

5th and Next Re-Evolution – The Cosmos Word

The Next Re-Evolution
The Cosmos Word will lead the Collective Human Consciousness to the Stars ……

Power to the Web is Power to the People

Free Information and Education for Participation free of Money I-DEALS

Use power of mass political movements on the Web and be Anonymous

Stay tuned…with Sign of the Times to come.!!!


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