Age of Encryption Vs. NSA’s Global Reach – Interviews With Mike Jenke & Brian Duggan

We have  distinguish what is Private information and what is Public Information

Privacy is the last frontier of Democracy against the New Savage Capitalism, born  with the fall of the Wall in Berlin and  the end of Ethic Capitalism

The Control of Privacy and  the systems of communication generated by the Cold War spy syndrome had reflections here on US, with McCarthy  and the control of “anti-American activities”  had it had an exponent acceleration in  9/11 with the fall of the Twin Towers or  the late Boston bombing and increasing budget of the state to distribute to the private security sector

Lots of public media showed some proofs that maybe they knew about it, but they let it happen to strengthen the Power of the military – enterprise – banksters – control complex that hold  private information to control the behavior of the people and build an apocalypse of poverty and earth destruction, in the name of profit and the interests of a few

It looks like conspiracy is nowadays appealing because  after the defeat of the last Enemy ,  “The  Commies” between others like the “The Freaks”  “War on Drugs”  “Iraq” “Iran”  “Vietnam” ………….War on “Enemies”  that hurt,  persecute, exert psychological terror  and  kill  civilian people behind it

Anybody who has ideals   , libertarians , occupy, anonymous and the new Incognito Movement  or  fighters for the power of the people as value  are  labelled today  Enemy to justify massive control just call them   cyber terrorists, occupy Terrorists, Islam Brotherhood and so on

The  guys from Silent Circle and LavaBit put human value ahead of  money value

That’s called ethic capitalist business and demonstrate Big Balls about Freedom of Information.

This will generate in a near future the capability of citizens participation in their destiny , instead of politicians that are elected by the  people to later work as lobbies paid by big corporations  to point government to legislate for profit and not for the Rights an  will of the Ones who hired them as public servants

We vote only for lobbies represented by politicians …Human Value is just music and Soma to distract  the voters from  their political agendas full of  bribery of corporate monsters that dictate the rules of the world today and control the flux of capital to their gangs pockets

Abby Martin speaks with Mike Jenke, CEO of ‘Silent Circle’ about the email encryption website Lavabit shutting down in light of pressure from federal investigators, and Silent Circle’s decision to preemptively shut down to protect the privacy of its customers’ data. Abby then talks to Brian Duggan, technologist with the Open Technology Institute about the holding the governments spying program accountable and posing the question of who we can trust more with our personal information; corporations or government.

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#OperationAwakeTheMasses #OpAM By Anonymous in Portugal

#OperationAwakeTheMasses #OpAM

The # Operation Awakening the masses has begun.

As far as we can see, almost all governments of the world are poisoned by greed and enslaved by cartels monopoly.
Anonymous are all, all we can act each in its own way, against his own government, if they believe that people who work there do not serve the best interests of the citizens, but instead serve corporate monopoly.

This will only stop if we begin to awaken the conscience of the people who see life in a different way from us. People who are talking about spend most of their time watching TV shows about celebrities crazy and still believe that their leaders only want the best for them. Also watch all kind of demented programs, created to enslave the human mind and divert attention from the real problems facing humanity.

And the only chance we will ever have to save mankind once and for all, the banking system and monopoly, is to tell people the truth, even if they do not want to hear.
Here’s one of the things you can do to help break the chains that enslave our planet forever.

Anonymous UK – War On System

Greetings citizens of United Kingdom.
We have been watching, and waiting,

We make this statement and do not expect to be negotiated with we do not desire to be negotiated with. We understand that due to the actions we take we exclude ourselves from the system within which solutions are found.
There are other people than us, people whose voices emerge from the light, and not the shadows. These voices are already making clear the reforms that have been necessary for some time, and are outright required now.
This time there will be change, or there will be chaos..

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Video for UK Awareness Campaign.

Anonymous – Message to the UK government