Gerald Celente WHDT World News July 11, 2013

Gerald Celente WHDT World News July 11, 2013

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I put this from WHDT World News July 11, 2013 to see that this Re-Enlitghtement could be any news service of  today showing the Signs of Future Times

Is Gerald Celente a Nostradamus or a sharp realistic analizer?

To see the Future you must be in a Total Awareness of the Present…

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For now more Gerald Celente – RTTV Boom Bust – February 4, 2014

Celente: ‘There’s panic on the Street’ simply because the economy is faltering. Gerald talks about the Fed, the US Economy and global economic trends. The US Federal Reserve has pared its QE program even before Janet Yellen took the reins. The question for Celente is what this means for the US economy. Yields have gone down, not up. But Celente believes this will not last and that the economy is faltering to boot. Note: Gerald’s segment starts at 4:06 in this video.


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The world is changing any day, and just powerful people can live in a good condition in this world order. The way to be powerful is know something.. Subscribe to my channel to be informed about the recent news.. Thank you for following us.. There’s Never Been A Revolution in America Official Gerald Celente channels: Gcelente & TrendsJournal. ©2012 TrendsResearchInstitut.

Second American Revolution about to begin? The Trends Journal® is the World’s #1 source for the most important trends that are shaping the future. The Trends.

Share the knowledge folks, stay safe, keep your eyes open, and god bless.

Listen to my talk on latest economic trends and gold prices. Official Gerald Celente channels: Gcelente & TrendsJournal. ©2012 Tren.

Gerald Celente’s 4th of July message to launch 2nd American Revolution from Colonial Kingston NY. This is the most powerful Gerald Celente Video ever. He tal.

Gerald gives his quick take on how corporations are running America and what needs to happen to fix things Official Gerald Celente chan.

Gerald talks about the need for a second Amercian Revolution and the Cyber Industrial complex that is the NSA and private contractors. .

Gerald talks with Reality Report on the coming world war and a trend towards a global awakening. Official Gerald Celente channels: Gce.

Gerald discusses the possibility of America’s Second Revolution The Trends Journal® is the World’s #1 source for the most important trends that are shaping t.

Secret courts decide what the 4th Amendment determines, Timothy Geithner recieves $400000 for three speeches & Eliot Spitzer rejoins politics after 5 years.

Gerald talks about the Zimmerman trial, the NSA scandal and how the government is screwing over the American people. Official Gerald Ce.

Pope defends gay priests, Obama rejects federal aid for Detroit, Federal Energy Regulator accuses JP Morgan Chase of manipulating energy market. whole sys.

Gerald Celente on Detroit’s ‘No-town’ and the new reserve currency Official Gerald Celente channels: Gcelente & TrendsJournal. ©201.

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Celente: We’re Going into the Greatest Depression. Top trends forecaster Gerald Celente says NSA leaker Edward Snowden is a non-event. Celente charges, What.

Plenty of bullshit flooding the media, while the important stories of the world go ignored & the newest updates on The Kingston Academy!. Original release:.

Gerald Celente – This Week In Money – July 6, 2013 videos.. Please click here to subscribe to my channel.. Economic collapse and financial crisis is rising a.

Criminal charges pressed against SEC, Haliburton pleads guilty to destroying Gulf spill evidence & even the Chinese don’t want to buy their own crap! Origi.

Drakes Vital Weekend Update July 21 Drake’s e-book me myself and I.

Alex continues with Gerald Celente on the topics of crashing economies, Government setups and coverups and how to filter for truth in the news. .

Mayday protests around the world, Federal Reserve willing to increase $85 Billion a month of asset purchasing & Governor Christie stole our Bullshit butto.

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Complete media gridlock, Cuba’s harsh self assessment & the lust for more power and control. Original release: 7/24/13. Official Gera.

Gerald discusses the economy and the effect of recent events surrounding Syria will have on it. The Trends Journal® is the World’s #1 source for the most imp.

Gerald talks with Dan Diorio on capitalism vs fascism, direct democracy, and quantitative easing. The Trends Journal® is the World’s #1 source for the most i.


Warren Mosler on “growth is slipping away”; Investing in Visas?

Warren Mosler on “growth is slipping away”; Investing in Visas?

Boom Bust shows the real state of the economy

Last week, when Comcast said it was acquiring Time Warner Cable for a cool $45 billion dollars, it was all anyone from the worlds of technology, media and business could talk about. And while the deal, if completed, will no doubt reshape pay TV as we know it, what many overlooked last week was a pretty incredible announcement by Netflix: The online TV and movie outfit is currently in the process of building an artificial brain, using Amazon Cloud technology! Erin Ade reports.

Afterwards, Erin Ade looks back at last month’s economic figures. In January, with economic figures showing that the US grew at an annualized rate of 3.2 percent, everyone was telling us that the US was poised for even faster growth. Not investor and economic analyst Warren Mosler. Mosler’s caution has been validated by recent weak economic data. Mosler explains to Boom Bust’s Erin Ade.

Wrapping up with “The Big Deal,” Erin Ade and Edward Harrison discuss the EB5-Visa-Direct-Investment-Program, a new trend in alternative financing for small businesses and start-up companies. It connects wealthy overseas investors who want a green card with regional business owners who need money to grow and expand. Now a mounting number of business owners are skipping traditional bank loans (and venture-capitalists) for this faster and cheaper financing alternative.

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Edward Snowden, A Truth Unveiled (Documentary)

Edward Snowden, A Truth Unveiled (Documentary)

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Today i will give you a glance at the Edward Snowden and the NSA Leaks controversy. What i want to achieve with this Non-Profit Research is give to all of you Correct & Reliable information about this topic so you can forge YOUR OWN OPINION informed. As i said before, this is a Non-Profit Documentary/Research created for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES. To obtain all the relevant information for you so you could be well informed, BytezAutomations use different CONTENT/MEDIA obtained from PUBLIC DOMAINS. Since we admit the fact that we couldn’t obtain all the corresponding permissions for some MEDIA, we strongly believe this information fulfills the Section 107 of the COPYRIGHT ACT (1976) which reads:

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Since this Documentary/Research fulfills most of this points, we RESPECT THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and Copyrights of their corresponding authors. That’s why we include all this MEDIA TITLES/AUTHORS/LINKS to their corresponding websites at Video Description. Also, i suggest all My Loyal Viewers to support this sites clicking on them if they decide to . Some information of this research have not been discussed on the “MAINSTREAM MEDIA”. The fact that “Tempora” stores the FULL DATA CONTENT and STORES IT ENTIRELY for 3 days and the “convenient” Google Privacy Policy CHANGE (June 24,2013) shows the importance of this Documentary to be viewed. We know this will cause issues and this channel “could be compromise” and we expect retaliation from Corporations or even the US Government. This is expected! If for some reason this channel is terminated, we want to make sure My Loyal Viewers know that our commitment with all of you remains strong. We strongly believe that the internet MUST BE FREE for everyone because its a tool which can be used for fight against IGNORANCE. Through all this year i gave the fight for ALL OF YOU!… hope YOUTUBE don’t K.O. me =)

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Title: Virtue, Checks and Balances (Documentary)

State of Mind: The Psychology of Control Documentary

State of Mind: The Psychology of Control

Is  Reality more frightening than conspiracy?

State Of Mind: The Psychology Of Control, from the creators of A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995, reveals that much of what we believe to be truth is actually deliberate deception. The global elites are systematically implanting lies into our consciousness to erect a “tyranny over the minds of men.” This film exposes the mind control methods being used to turn our once vibrant society into a land of obedient sheeple. Are we controlled? To what extent and by whom? What does it mean for humanity’s future?

From cradle to grave our parents, peers, institutions and society inform our values and behaviors but this process has been hijacked. State Of Mind examines the science of control that has evolved over generations to keep us firmly in place so that dictators, power brokers and corporate puppeteers may profit from our ignorance and slavery. From the anvil of compulsory schooling to media and entertainment, we are kept in perpetual bondage to the ideas that shape our actions.

State Of Mind delves into the abyss to expose the true agendas at work. This film reveals the secret manipulations at work and provides shocking and suppressed historical and current examples. From the ancient roots of the control of human behavior to its maturity in the mind control experiments of intelligence agencies and other organs of manipulation, State Of Mind reveals a plan for the future that drives home the dreadful price of our ignorance.

We are prepared for a new paradigm. Will we choose our own paths or have one selected for us? State Of Mind unveils the answers that may decide whether humankind will fulfill its destiny or be forever shackled to its own creation.

Features appearances by Alex Jones, Jon Rappaport, G Edward Griffin, Charlotte Iserbyt, Dr. Colin Ross, Dr. Eldon Taylor, Richard Grove, Craig Roberts, Doug Valentine, Kurt Haskell, Bruce Levine and Anthony Schaeffer.

Runtime: 110 min
Directed by James Lane
Release Date: July 17, 2013
Region Code 0: All regions.
A Free Mind Films Production



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The state of The UK – Suspect Nation the Documentary

Suspect Nation complete surveillance RFID (full)

Watch the full documentary now
Henry Porter embarks on a journey to look at the surveillance technologies being used in the UK and US today and what lies ahead. Henry also sees security expert Adam Laurie demonstrate how insecure many of these technologies are.

Britain has undergone a huge change in the last few years. Since 9/11, the state has developed a very different view of its’ citizens. New surveillance technologies are penetrating every aspect of our lives and we don’t even know it. Across the country, millions of cameras are watching us. The police will soon be able to record every journey we make and soon the state will want all of our fingerprints and iris scans.

Since Tony Blair’s New Labour government came to power in 1997, the UK civil liberties landscape has changed dramatically. ASBOs were introduced by Section 1 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 and first used in 1999. The right to remain silent is no longer universal. Our right to privacy, free from interception of communications has been severely curtailed. The ability to travel without surveillance (or those details of our journeys being retained) has disappeared.

Indeed, as Henry Porter (the Observer journalist famous for his recent email clash with Tony Blair over the paring down of civil liberties) reveals in this unsettling film, our movements are being watched, and recorded, more than ever before.

Richard Stallman: Snowden leak a chance for privacy, time to fight Big Brother

Richard Stallman: Snowden leak a chance for privacy, time to fight Big Brother

Snowden and Assange besieged but not defeated, while privacy has a better chance now than it had before. We talk to freedom activist and free software developer Richard Stallman, who believes the fight against the total surveillance on the part of the governments is far from over.

Abby Martin at The Joe Rogan Experience

Abby Martin at The Joe Rogan Experience
Please don’t see this video if you don’t have time to Watch, Feel and Think

Your kids are the Future
Save them…!!
Came and fight the money vampires eating Planet Earth

Abby Martin is an American journalist and also host of “Breaking the Set” for RT America.

This site is run by artist, activist and citizen journalist Abby Martin and is based in the San Francisco bay area. Abby graduated from SDSU with a B.A. in political science where she was involved in community organizing for multiple causes. She worked as a correspondent and writer for an Internet news show where she conducted investigative citizen journalism and is now a contributing writer for numerous publications.

The root system of a tree is five times more extensive than the tree itself, and reaches far underground to form a solid base for growth and nourishment. Just as this root system is integral to the survival of the tree, media is integral to the foundation and survival of a democracy.

Media Roots is a citizen journalism project that reports the news from outside of party lines while providing a collaborative forum for conscious citizens, artists and activists to unite.