Anonymous infiltrates PRISM, intercepts Obama’s Skype

Anonymous – Message on PRISM & Edward Snowden

INTERNET — Anonymous hackers claimed to have infiltrated PRISM’s network infrastructure after gaining access to the graphical user interface which was intended only for use by federal agents in cases of terrorism.



Because the PRISM system has access to a log of all Internet phone calls (voIP via Skype, Google, etc.) and video chats, Anonymous vigilante intelligence researchers quickly unearthed evidence of high-level collusion between corporate executives and government officials.

“We have access to President Obama’s Skype,” said a spokesperson for Anonymous, “and we’re only afraid it’s too absurd to be true.”

Anonymous will not comment on details of the leak until the information has been confirmed and verified.

The Information Awareness Office logo

The Information Awareness Office logo

This time, Anonymous is seeking input from government sources so that their final release will be seen by the public as an even-handed nonpartisan attempt at uncovering the truth. “We want to know the government’s point of view simply because it will help us build a more complete view of what’s really going on.

Even clever lies, denials, and evasion help us in our pursuit of truth.  We won’t release the information until we’ve run it all over with several officials and received a frank appraisal of its context.”

Following the news on Thursday that both the FBI and the National Security Agency have been secretly mining data from nine Silicon Valley giants for years, there has been an incredibly heated debate both for and against the classified program dubbed “PRISM.”

To add more fuel to the fire, there are now even more classified documents being leaked to the masses, courtesy of the global hacktivist community, Anonymous.

As of Friday morning, the group has published 13 documents and presentations from various U.S. government agencies. Topics of said documents range from NetOps strategies at the U.S. Department of Defense to a timeline of data removal requests.

Anonymous also published a memo, address to “Citizens of the World,” as a preface to the leaked documents.


Comments of an article “Google is Everywhere” in the Deep Dark Web

googleTo read the article that generated  this comments you should have Tor working to it see at
With a little trick you can see the page in a normal browser by pointing a at 

Google has a plan. There has been recent debate over internet speeds in the U.S. Service providers have been deliberately slowing the speeds so that they can charge a higher rate at a later date and throw in the word “enhanced internet” all the while fully having the capability to provide those speeds to the consumer.

In comes Google. With the advancement of Google Fibre, internet speeds increase drastically.

While Fibre is still in its infancy, it has forced service providers to step up their game. Google has plans to have Fibre all across the country. The people are clamoring for this. It gives us the opportunity to get out from under the thumb of greedy service providers.

Google’s next plan is to have free and open wifi available to everyone in the country. This too is a problem for greedy service providers. Google is planning a super fast hardwired internet with Fibre and a free high speed wifi network available to all. This has the potential to bring down some major companies. If superior high speed internet can be provided for free to the country, there is no need to have service providers.

With the explosion of smart phone technology and smart TV technology, this also has the chance to bring down the cable TV providers. With a “smart” device and free internet/wifi, netflix and streaming channels will have an explosion in membership and use.

Thus bringing down the cable providers. Why pay $60-$100 a month for a cable service, when the things people want too watch can be downloaded or streamed for a small fee or an APP that can be downloaded and used for free? This also creates a problem for cel-service providers.

With free apps or even a small a fee, users with a smart device can make calls and send messages via free internet/wifi that will be provided by Google. What Google is working on has the capability to free the people from greedy service providers while also endangering companies worth BILLIONS, and the possibility to end thousands of jobs for the people who work for these companies. That is a lot of power.

Recently as well, the FCC has announced that the US government is interested in having a network capable of being provided for the people by the government. Again, in comes Google. Why have the people pay for a network when times are tough, and the best innovation comes from private business.

Google is setting up the fastest network ever seen, and is starting right in the heart land of the country, Kansas. Google, who has the money, know how, and innovative minds to make this happen, is already working on this with Fibre. The government is going to let Google build the Fibre network fully aware of the implications it has on the corporations listed above. It would be a communications monopoly if run by a single entity like Google.

The government will purchase/trade/seize the network and put it under the banner of the government run FCC. Internet will be provided by the government. It will be free and faster than anything else out there by a longshot. Low income homes will receive it as a subsidy.

Eventually the entire country will get it. The citizenry will be happy because they aren’t getting taken to the cleaners by service providers. While the government cant outright censor internet it provides because it would violate the 1st amendment, it can deem content illegal (4chan/b/), and close off other networks i.e. TOR. This will also provide the government with the most massive data mining capabilities ever seen.

Groups like ANON will become extinct, and the instant communication we would rely on in the event of uprisings and revolution could be easily terminated in sectors. Shady happenings on the east coast could be blocked from reaching the rest of the country or world. The possibilities and repercussions of such a network are endless.

The gyst of this is that Google is the bad company we’ve all feared. They are deeply in bed with the government. This is no coincidence. Google has become a research company for the government without the limitations of government red tape funding. It’s being funded privately in the open market, and we are all paying for it. Google, the governments DARPA for the citizens.

Abby Martin-Breaks the Set on the State of Surveillance- Lee Camp – Musical Performance by Rebel Inc.

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Abby Martin Breaks the Set on the State of Surveillance, Current Events with Lee Camp, and a Musical Performance by Rebel Inc.

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EPISODE BREAKDOWN: On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin breaks down the latest surveillance scandal by the National Security Agency, in which the servers of firms such as Google, Facebook, and Apple are subject constant government surveillance. Abby then talks to comedian, Lee Camp, about biggest news stories of the week, including NSA surveillance, Bradley Manning, Michelle Bachman’s last term in office. BTS wraps up the show with an exclusive performance and interview with Rebel Inc, a politically charged band based in Baltimore.