Portugal stock market falls amid uncertainty

See Portugal that has been playing the Dyeing American Myth
A country with a lot of  illiterate people, and total lobbying  of Masonry, Politicians, Banksters and a Opus Dei church domination.

Is this crisis going to show that the Portuguese are very naive in politics, but not stupid

Portugal’s president has called for crisis talks as the country’s government teeters on the brink of collapse. Two key ministers have already resigned and there is a threat that the centre-right coalition government won’t last another week. The crisis has sent markets into a tailspin with renewed fears over the Eurozone crisis. Al Jazeera’s Barnaby Phillips reports from Lisbon


American Prepotency – Morales prohibited of Flying over Portugal and France

Portugal and France are sure dancing to the Music of the American Maestro

I would like to see the American President being stopped and searched when flying over Venezuela

False and arrogant excuse of Portugal and the French are even more arrogant ..they didn’t make excuses…Spain and Italy included in the Puppets
Is Germain afraid of America too?????
Being spied doesn’t seem to be a problem

Portugal claims technical reasons to deny President Evo Morales of Bolivia landing in Lisbon Airport

The Lisbon government said refused landing Bolivian authority due to technical reasons, but did not provide details on the “technical considerations”.

Morales in a room at Vienna airport. (EFE)

Morales in a room at Vienna airport. (EFE)

Wednesday July 3, 2013 7:52 a.m.
Lisbon. – The Portuguese government denied the request of the Bolivian authorities for the presidential plane could land Evo Morales in Lisbon for “technical reasons”, but it did allow to fly over its airspace at all times.

This was announced today, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement, which says that the executive sent Bolivian refusal by Monday afternoon, a ban which initially ignored the Andean country’s authorities, who initially kept their plan to land in Portuguese soil on Tuesday, said Efe.

The Portuguese Government did not provide details on the “technical considerations” that justified its decision to ban the presidential plane to make scale in Lisbon during their journey from Moscow to La Paz.

Source: http://www.eluniversal.com/internacional/caso-snowden/130703/portugal-alega-causas-tecnicas-para-negar-el-aterrizaje-de-morales


Portugal: 39th anniversary of revolution turns to austerity protest

http://www.euronews.com/ The celebrations for the 1974 “Carnation Revolution” in Portugal have taken on a poignant tone this year.

People from all walks of life who gathered for the celebrations made comparisons with the country’s liberation from a fascist dictatorship and the harsh situation many of them are facing today.

One of those was José Mendes the head of police union who said: “It makes perfect sense that we are present because we also represent the people. We are here to guarantee that the constitution is fulfilled.”

Retired Colonel, Vasco Lourenco, who was one of the leaders of the 1974 coup said this is not what he fought for:

“I see the country in a bad situation so this 25th of April, as well as evoking liberation from fascism, must also be seen as a fight against the situation we are living today.”

Portugal is projected to suffer a third straight year of recession in 2013.

As the jobless rate jumps to 17.5 percent, pay and pension cuts along with tax hikes have already hit many people hard.

But in order to meet their bailout conditions the government still needs to make a further 4 billion euros in savings.

#OpApagaoNacional in Portugal – Total Success

The #OpApagaoNacional in Portugal is working with  Total Success
Check http://anonymouspt.blogspot.pt/2013/04/opapagaonacional-ddos.html

Anonymous – Operation Portugal – Anti-Fascism

Portugal today is a good example of all the people involved in the Ops prepared by all Anonymous groups working with one goal

There as been a total e successful Coordination and Organization until now 14:59
see in http://anonymouspt.blogspot.pt/2012/04/op-25-de-abril-o-mais-longo-da-historia.html

There is a 24 h  web TV Channel in http://assembleia25abril.pt.vu/ with a Full program of activities

Lots of government sites and related like the Party System are down or have been defaced and the attacks are continuing

Street action starting at 18:30 with people making a Gathering of Ideas and showing their discontent of the situation generated by a full corrupted political system of gangsters and total interference of the masonry a criminal organization, Robber Brothers, always covering each others crimes.

Video in Portuguese Language