Correa is afraid of US Power – Snowden is a traitor now for Equador as well as for Europe

Correa -Equador Prsident

Correa -Equador President

People …………..See that even President Correa is becoming a puppet too , like Europe  in the hands of American hegemony.

For Correa now Snowden is a traitor, Because Big brother will stop buying Equador flowers

Now he has cordial conversations  with Big Brother

U.S is now buying whistleblowers to South American’s  ” Independent Countries” for peanuts

“Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa has denied granting asylum to the former US spy agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.



He has described as “cordial” a telephone conversation with the US Vice President Joe Biden over the issue.

But Correa has also admitted that a mix-up in Ecuador’s London consulate resulted in Snowden being given an unauthorized safe-passage document as he fled Hong Kong for Russia.”    Source:

“Benito Jaramilo, head of Ecuador’s flower-growing association said: “If this escalates, it could also decrease flower exports from Ecuador, affecting the jobs of our people and revenue in US dollars for our country, which is essential for the dollarisation.””

julian assange Yeah Yeah  Yeah ….!!!!!

Maybe now,  he can sell Julian Assange to be fried for the sake of some flowers or peaches….Than big Brother will buy more flowers

Anonymous and Libertarians …don’t trust Politicians of any nation ,  they always make decisions about money and power …not Human Values

What Snowden was fearing is becaming truth…nothing is changing…He must be feeling very bad for trying to help Europe and others against US domination, because they always liked  it.
People must Unite to Help him, politicians are dangerous …they never say the truth…they all have secret agendas


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Ecuador’s leader Rafael Correa is celebrating, having secured a third term as the country’s President. Our colleagues from RT’s Spanish Channel spoke to the newly re-elected leader. Among other issues, they asked him about his take on the future of the world’s top whistleblower and Wikileaks editor Julian Assange, who remains holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

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The Wikileaks, Julian Assange Diplomatic Standoff — Animated

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