Europe politicians are Liars, they all work for the “New world Order”

Big Brother is America and all European politicians are working for it



Germain is showing disgust of global US surveillance program, and all other European countries do not mater about this, because they are part of it
Germain politicians are just making public image, when they say they are against US total surveillance program, because some years ago the same was done by US with the Pelican Project by USA that was reading and recording all info in EEC corridors, , but they “forgot” all about it and erased it from public information

All European Counties are controlled by American wishes and greed for money and dominance

See now that after all the people in a lot of countries have made gatherings against Monsanto,  but now we Know that all countries in Europe are trying to put people on GMTO products and even European banksters are financing Monsanto to implement it in Europe
The President of EEC , the PIIGgy Portuguese Durão Barroso was elected by the US for the services he made to BUSH , by serving them coffee in Azores for support in Iraq invasion

Durão Barroso as always been a thief in Portugal along with Paulo Portas, but they are totally covered by masonry, that have been making that country poor Hell for the people and a Heaven for politician robbers as well as all latin speaking Counties
They have stealed many times but the courts never finished their justice processes, because all influential judges are masonry too

European Citizens cannot trust their governments because they always backed up American activities since the end of World War II , when American masonry gave money to all the Lodges of European Masonry against the “Devil of communism”

We must not accept this ..we have to go on the streets and fight the American dying Empire, but we have to watch that other Empires Like China and Russia do not became the next Dominating empires

What we need is to put all the” Banksters Gangsters” in Jail , along with the Parties and Politicians who collaborated with it, and create Virtual Parliaments that can empower people to design the New world free of  the American tactics of  “search and kill” people that goes against them.

The only possible change in the world is by following Iceland example…don’t be fooled by the media conglomerate that is owned by america’s military, justice from masonry
Kill all Masons and get a better world

We must change the world, we have to make an Op#Jobless people of the world in the 1st of November, to show that the masses are not stupid as they think