American Prepotency – Morales prohibited of Flying over Portugal and France

Portugal and France are sure dancing to the Music of the American Maestro

I would like to see the American President being stopped and searched when flying over Venezuela

False and arrogant excuse of Portugal and the French are even more arrogant ..they didn’t make excuses…Spain and Italy included in the Puppets
Is Germain afraid of America too?????
Being spied doesn’t seem to be a problem

Portugal claims technical reasons to deny President Evo Morales of Bolivia landing in Lisbon Airport

The Lisbon government said refused landing Bolivian authority due to technical reasons, but did not provide details on the “technical considerations”.

Morales in a room at Vienna airport. (EFE)

Morales in a room at Vienna airport. (EFE)

Wednesday July 3, 2013 7:52 a.m.
Lisbon. – The Portuguese government denied the request of the Bolivian authorities for the presidential plane could land Evo Morales in Lisbon for “technical reasons”, but it did allow to fly over its airspace at all times.

This was announced today, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement, which says that the executive sent Bolivian refusal by Monday afternoon, a ban which initially ignored the Andean country’s authorities, who initially kept their plan to land in Portuguese soil on Tuesday, said Efe.

The Portuguese Government did not provide details on the “technical considerations” that justified its decision to ban the presidential plane to make scale in Lisbon during their journey from Moscow to La Paz.