Anonymous Hackers Launch OpSyria – Video

Anonymous Hackers Launch OpSyria – Video

Some Anonymous hackers have published a statement to announce the start of OpSyria. The hackers threaten Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and “elements within the Syrian Opposition.”

“You are failing your country, you are failing your people, your country faces following the examples of your Egyptian, Lebanese and Tunisian counterparts. Our request is a simple one; cease fire immediately and stop the violence towards the innocent or you will feel our wrath,” the hackers said.

“To the people of Syria, know that Anonymous stands with you in this war against terror,” they added.

The initiators of the operation have not revealed their immediate plans. However, they’ve published what they call a “Syria Care Package,” which contains instructions on how to access the Internet in case the government decides to shut it down.

A couple of days ago, experts warned that if the US launched a military attack against Syria, it was likely that pro-Assad hackers would retaliate with cyberattacks.
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Following the Syrian Electronic Army’s (SEA’s) attack on a Melbourne IT reseller which resulted in the temporary compromise of domain name records for targets as diverse as The New York Times and Twitter, a group claiming association with Anonymous now says it has compromised SEA databases and servers.

As first reported here (in French with NSFW images) and here by Brian Krebs, the attackers say they have compromised SEA servers, obtained members’ names along with user IDs and passwords, and have copied gigabytes of SEA data.

The Twitter stream operated under the handle @blackplans includes screenshots which the operator of that account describes as showing the SEA’s Parallels server, blog logins, and user credentials.

In an online chat with The Register, an “entity or person associated with Anonymous” confirmed the accuracy of the Krebs article, as well as the scale of the compromised data.

The @blackplans associate told El Reg Anonymous had already d0xed – that is, de-anoymised – “five core members” of the SEA.

While the SEA’s Twitter account – @Official_SEA16 – has denied that it’s been compromised and calls the screenshots fakes, the same signature is also used on a complaint posted at Pastebin, asserting that his story and others put individuals at risk of being “tracked and killed by the FSA” (Free Syrian Army).

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As the United States and other world powers continue to debate a possible military intervention in Syria, the hacker collective Anonymous has gone ahead with its own intervention, taking on its Syrian counterpart—the Syrian Electronic Army.

It’s a shadow war happening online between two amorphous, grassroots groups. And Anonymous dealt the first blow.

Last week, Anons began releasing data they stole in April after infiltrating a server used by the Syrian Electronic Army. Over the weekend, someone began dumping it all on the so-called “deep web,” a portion of the internet that isn’t accessible by traditional browsers or search engines.

While the Syrian Electronic Army is mostly made up of supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and may receive some material support from the regime, the organization does not appear to have any official relationship with the government, something that appears to be confirmed in the data leaked by Anonymous.

The Syrian Electronic Army has claimed several high-profile security breaches recently, including hacks on the websites of the New York Times, the Washington Post and the US Marine Corps.

Anonymous Press Release Operation Syria (#opSyria).
Silence is a war crime.

Dictator Assad and elements within the Syrian Opposition, you now have the undivided attention of Anonymous. You are failing your country, you are failing your people, your country faces following the examples of your Egyptian, Lebanese and Tunisian counterparts. Our request is a simple one; cease fire immediately and stop the violence towards the innocent or you will feel our wrath.

To the people of Syria, know that Anonymous stands with you in this war against terror.
We vow to do everything we can to hinder war crimes played against you. We will raise awareness in every manner we can. We will assist you in putting an end to this carnage. We have put together the Anonymous Syria Care Package which contains instructions in Arabic and English that will aid you in areas of conflict.We encourage you to download this information, keep it on your person and share it with your fellow Syrians to the best of your ability.

Read more & download Syria Care Package ►…

Website Anonymous Operation Syria (#opSyria) ►

AnonOps IRC Network (Anonymous Operation) ►…

Radio AnonOps / The Official Radio Station ►…


Anonymous – #OpNSA Release III: Mike Rogers

Anonymous – #OpNSA Release III: Mike Rogers

Greetings congressman Michael Rogers republican representative for Michigan’s 8th district.

We are Anonymous and we have been extremely concerned with your conduct since being first elected to congress in the year 2000 your crudity rise to the level of chairmen of the house permanent select comity on intelligence and member of the elite Gang of Eight. Who by federal law are briefed on every intelligence action undertaken by the federal government. In fact you have been become such a power in house that you have run virtually unopposed in every race for federal office you have been in as in an income but with one, but even then you raised nearly three times the election funds of your opponent.

In fact in several elections your democratic opponent raised less then one percent then of your award chest. That this has happened and continues to happen is a disgrace especially given your record and Anonymous is not pleased.

We have been watching you and we think it is time for some new blood in your district.
we therefore call to the democratic party to field and fund a legitimate opponent to depose you in the next election, for your crimes against the American people.
Despite running without serious opposition you still managed to rack up an impressive list of donors in the defense and technology sectors.
From corporations that stand to benefit from your deregulation of the bill of rights.

Corporations that are either in the business of expanding and facilitating domestic surveillance programs or are affiliated with the unconstitutional prism program.
Lockheed Martin/
Northrop Grumman/
BAE Systems/
Verizon communications/ (Pwnd)
L3 communications/
Microsoft/ (Pwnd)
And the list goes on and on all told you have raised $420,500 from these company’s just since the 2006 election cycle despite the fact that you could have defeated most of your electoral challenges on a child’s allowance.

And where did it all start to go wrong congressmen?

Was it your support for the USA Patriot Act in 2001 and its love of warrant-less wire tapping?

Could it be the Patriot Act re-authorization of 2005?

Your monumental vote for the protect America act of 2007 that paved the way for the unconstitutional Prism program?

Was it your re-authorization of the patriot act of 2011?

Perhaps it was your failure to attend reign in the NSA following the Fisa courts eighty six page 2011 opinion that declared that the NSA activities are in violation of the 4th amendment in the 2008 Fisa amendments?

Or maybe it was your disgusting CISPA Act that you ran through the house?

On not one but two occasions despite the fact that it had no chance of being signed into law.

Was it the fact that you devoted against the Amesh amendment that would have stopped the NSA from co-opting the telephone records of hundreds of millions of American again without warrants?

And of course it could have been when you lied in telling the American people that the e-mails of American’s were not being tracked without warrant when the NSA Keyscore makes it clear that is not true.

Regardless of where your crimes begin and end it has been apparent to Anonymous that you take pride in using the constitution and the bill of rights as Toilet Paper
your constituent should be ashamed of you and we call upon to them to force you out of office at there earliest opportunity.

A Virus Has Been Detected..

Anonymous Is Working To Correct The System Failure..

We Are Anonymous!
We Are Legion!
We Do Not Forgive!
We Do Not Forget!
Expect Us!



Anonymous – #OpNSA Obama (Barack Obama) Message for the world

Anonymous – #OpNSA Obama (Barack Obama) Message for the world

Some music to relax from Heavy News

We are anonymous.
We are legion. We are everyone. We are everywhere.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Edward Snowden, A Truth Unveiled (Documentary)

Edward Snowden, A Truth Unveiled (Documentary)

Hi MyLoyalViewers!,

Today i will give you a glance at the Edward Snowden and the NSA Leaks controversy. What i want to achieve with this Non-Profit Research is give to all of you Correct & Reliable information about this topic so you can forge YOUR OWN OPINION informed. As i said before, this is a Non-Profit Documentary/Research created for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES. To obtain all the relevant information for you so you could be well informed, BytezAutomations use different CONTENT/MEDIA obtained from PUBLIC DOMAINS. Since we admit the fact that we couldn’t obtain all the corresponding permissions for some MEDIA, we strongly believe this information fulfills the Section 107 of the COPYRIGHT ACT (1976) which reads:

“Allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as critisism, comment, news reporting, teaching,scolarship and research. Fair use is a use permited by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use”.

Since this Documentary/Research fulfills most of this points, we RESPECT THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and Copyrights of their corresponding authors. That’s why we include all this MEDIA TITLES/AUTHORS/LINKS to their corresponding websites at Video Description. Also, i suggest all My Loyal Viewers to support this sites clicking on them if they decide to . Some information of this research have not been discussed on the “MAINSTREAM MEDIA”. The fact that “Tempora” stores the FULL DATA CONTENT and STORES IT ENTIRELY for 3 days and the “convenient” Google Privacy Policy CHANGE (June 24,2013) shows the importance of this Documentary to be viewed. We know this will cause issues and this channel “could be compromise” and we expect retaliation from Corporations or even the US Government. This is expected! If for some reason this channel is terminated, we want to make sure My Loyal Viewers know that our commitment with all of you remains strong. We strongly believe that the internet MUST BE FREE for everyone because its a tool which can be used for fight against IGNORANCE. Through all this year i gave the fight for ALL OF YOU!… hope YOUTUBE don’t K.O. me =)

Freel free to leave your comments on our channel Bytez Automations at YouTube and as i always say…


**P.S. Second part of my Research Here:
Title: Virtue, Checks and Balances (Documentary)

Anonymous – Syria The Drums of War

Anonymous – Syria & The Drums of War

Greetings Citizens of the World,

We are Anonymous.

In light of recent investigations of chemical weapons attacks in Syria, it appears that the United States Government is involved in an Imperialistic pursuit of the resources of Iran. Iran has an arms treaty with Syria, in which Iran has a commitment to defend Syria and vice versa in times of War.

The lack of a Central Bank in the country of Iran and the refusal of the Iranian government to become dependent on the Western World has kept the United States Government on a Mission to engage in War with Iran to topple the current Government.

We have seen the same tactics used in Iraq and Libya to topple regimes that don’t fit the United States Imperialistic Ambitions. Militaristically Engineered False Flag Attacks are the method the United States Government Uses to convince a portion of the world that intervention is necessary.

Chemical Weapons were used to Murder hundreds of Syrian People in a suburb of the Syrian City of Damascus. Although the initial reports claimed that the Assad led Government of Syria was responsible for the attacks, it is now believed by both investigators and other world leaders that the United States backed Syrian National Coalition is responsible for the attacks. It’s also believed they are using these war crimes to give an excuse for the United States Government to intervene in the region.

This Tactic is meant to pull Iran into war with the United States. This tactic will ultimately cause a global conflict in which countries that do not support the criminal actions of the United States may, in fact take the war to US soil. War is not supported by the US majority and has only seemingly been supported by the citizens of the United States in recent years. In this instance it is overwhelmingly opposed by the majority of U.S. citizens.

The Chemical Weapons used against the Syrian People are now shown to be the work of the United States Government by way of the U.S. backed Syrian rebels known as the Syrian National Coalition. This is a blatant False Flag attack and should not be endorsed by the citizens of the United States. There is absolutely no benefit for the American People or the world in general as a result of a war with Syria or Iran.

As citizens of the world the majority of us are completely opposed to large scale warfare and the impending war with Syria and Iran must be opposed in every nonviolent way at our disposal. The Liberation of the Syrian People should not be decided by the interests of other nations or even a council of other nations. Both Syria and Iran are independent nations and should remain independent nations.

We have seen the reign of Tyranny in this world too many times before and the collective voice of the people are opposed as we always will be. Please take the time to educate yourselves as non-biased as possible and spread this information to anyone and everyone you can. Our collective voice is and will always be our only hope to liberate this world from the hands of Tyranny.

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not Forgive forcing the world into a war based on lies.
We do not Forget the war crimes that have been committed.
Proprietors of False Flag Operations,
Expect Us!
Credit to SinisterAnon for the script:
Anonymous is for Freedom…
We are Anonymous,
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

ANONYMOUS Operation NSA: Dutch Ruppersberger EXPOSED #OpNSA



Against New World Order Slavery:

“Obama is possibly the biggest hypocrite of any president” – Wikileaks’ Kristinn Hrafnsson

On 22 August we spoke to Wikileaks’ spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson about the sentencing of Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning and the Edward Snowden NSA leaks. In this edited version Kristinn discusses the Obama administration’s aggressive pursuit of whistleblowers. You can watch the full interview here: