Abby Martin Breaks the Set 225 Nobel Prize to Bradley Manning

Abby Martin Breaks the Set

Please we need anyone of us fighting the way this brilliant journalist has made  in 225 glorious moments or “Reality” Media  for RT

Make the world a better place by giving Nobel Prize to Bradley Manning and free him as an American hero and a liberator for the citizens of the world

Abby Martin Breaks the Set on Nestlé’s Evil Empire, US Sponsoring Egyptian Violence, Bradley Manning Nobel Peace Prize, & Einstein’s Circle of Compassion.

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EPISODE BREAKDOWN: On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin calls out Nestlé Corporation for its water resale in British Columbia while not paying a cent for its extraction. With a mounting death toll in Egypt, Abby talks to Brian Becker, national coordinator with the ANSWER Coalition about the roots of the violence, and how US tax dollars continue to fund the Egyptian military despite hollow condemnations from the White House. Abby then talks to Norman Solomon, Co-founder of about the petition to award whistleblower Bradley Manning with the Nobel Peace Prize. Abby wraps up the show with a heartfelt remark about Einstein’s ‘Circle of Compassion’ by reflecting on how to balance personal stability with the plight of humanity by establishing a sense of global empathy.


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