(English Subs) Redhack on Halk TV – Occupy Gezi & The Current State

This video has a clear image of what’s really happening  in Occupy Gezi

(This will be a 3 part series) This was made with the help of the author of this blog: http://redhackenglish.tumblr.com/ (I translated the first 12 minutes, the rest is 80% her work with some proof reading/tweaks by me). This Interview from Turkish Hacker group, Redhack, starts by explaining some of the background regarding the Occupy Gezi movement, and then proceeds to go into great detail regarding the Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government and its shortcomings.

In this series Redhack will deal with issues like censorship, oppression, increasingly authoritarian rule, the selling of the nation’s natural resources, the diminishing state of the Arts, environmentalism, women’s rights, elections, and a myriad of other issues that most Turkish and International viewers will be under-informed about.

I have disabled comments as to avoid pointless debates, if you want to learn more about the issues discussed I’m sure a bit of digging around online will help you find answers. I want this to be purely educational, so just watch, and I hope you learn something. For international audiences, this can be a chance for you to understand just what is happening in Turkey, and you will no doubt be able to draw some parallels to the state of your own governments.

and how their increasingly oppressive and authoritarian mentality has caused a build up of unrest which exploded on May 31st, and is still spreading like wildfire across the nation.

I apologize in advance for any translation errors, but based on my proof-reading there should not be anything grossly mis-translated, if you spot anything that might be misinformative please send me a PM and I will try to add annotations to fix this.


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