#OpApagaoNacional in Portugal – Total Success

The #OpApagaoNacional in Portugal is working with  Total Success
Check http://anonymouspt.blogspot.pt/2013/04/opapagaonacional-ddos.html

Anonymous – Operation Portugal – Anti-Fascism

Portugal today is a good example of all the people involved in the Ops prepared by all Anonymous groups working with one goal

There as been a total e successful Coordination and Organization until now 14:59
see in http://anonymouspt.blogspot.pt/2012/04/op-25-de-abril-o-mais-longo-da-historia.html

There is a 24 h  web TV Channel in http://assembleia25abril.pt.vu/ with a Full program of activities

Lots of government sites and related like the Party System are down or have been defaced and the attacks are continuing

Street action starting at 18:30 with people making a Gathering of Ideas and showing their discontent of the situation generated by a full corrupted political system of gangsters and total interference of the masonry a criminal organization, Robber Brothers, always covering each others crimes.

Video in Portuguese Language


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