#OpGabon: Stop the ritual killings in Gabon, Africa

Found in: http://anoninsiders.net/opgabon-stop-ritual-killings-1300/

The most gruesome murders are happening to children, men and women, with total impunity, in a country where the president of Gabon, Ali Bongo, puts the army on every street corner every night.

These murders are called ‘ritual killings’ and they are performed in a horrible manner in order to harvest ‘spare parts’, the sex, ears, tongue, eyes, heart, kidneys, blood, flesh and skin.

Twitter storm package hashtag is #SOSGabon, in support of the protesters on April 13. If they are prevented from protesting, we will protest for them. Stay tuned. In the meantime, follow on Twitter @OpGabon, for information.

Links to the petitions for stopping the killings:
To stop ritual killings in Gabon! Stop aux crimes rituels au Gabon
To stop aux crimes rituel au Gabon

Call, fax, email (FLOOD, SPAM, ANNOY) demanding that URGENT action be IMMEDIATELY taken to stop ritual killings in Gabon and bring perpetrators to justice.

Presidence De La Republique Gabonaise –
Office of The President of Gabon, Ali Bongo Ondimba
Cabinet du Président de la République
Présidence de la République
BP 546 Libreville (Gabon)
Phone : +241 72 76 00
E-mail : cabinetpr@presidence.ga

Assemblée Nationale Du Gabon
National Assembly of Gabon (Elected Officials)
Boulevard Triomphal, B.P. 29 Libreville
Phone: + 241 74 00 64
Office of the President: +241 74 00 66
Fax: +241 72 61 96
E-mail: postemaster@assemblee.ga
Mr Guy NZOUBA-NDAMA, President of the Assemblée Nationale,
has been accused of ritual killings by UPG Loyalistes,
one of the main opposition Party in Gabon (French, PDF)

United Nations Human Rights Council
OHCHR address:
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
Palais Wilson
52 rue des Pâquis
CH-1201 Geneva, Switzerland
Phone: +41 22 917 9220
E-mail: InfoDesk@ohchr.org

To Help the Association fighting against ritual crimes (ALCR), please contact:
ALCR (Association de lutte contre les crimes rituels)
P.O. Box 13 497 (Gros Bouquet)
Libreville, Gabon
Phone:(+241) 07 36 08 57 / 07 87 67 04
E-mail: mbeng.felix@gmail.com / reddhga_prot@gmail.com

Source : Anon FiveO – Youtube channel


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