Culturally Invisible Super Volcanoes & Killer Asteroids (2013)

A new full feature-length video essay by Jason Gleeson (released 27/3/2013; duration 50:26 mins).
The docu/drama centres around the London Occupy Movement, groups and activists; and segues forward 100 years into the future; covering the idea of the end of the ‘oligarchical principle’; a proposal for an Earth Defence System; the coming 3rd Industrial Revolution; and the idea of us humans learning to manage the solar system.

Activists from the World Development Movement
Ben Dyson – Positive Money
Sara Callaway – Global Women’s Strike
Charlie Veitch – The Love Police
Julian Assange – WikiLeaks
N’Goni – Artist
Ben McLeish – The Zeitgeist Movement UK
George Barda – Greenpeace UK
The courages people of Occupy London LSX, and the Worldwide Occupy Movement
NASA – via the ISS Satellite Images of Earth
And the landscapes of Sweden, Spain, Grand Canaria and England

Music by:
arms are blades of blue tempered steel


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